Rates – All prices exclude parts




Standard Service £45 includes

Inspect Bike for damage 

Remove Wheels, check cone adjustment and trueness of wheel and adjust accordingly

Check freehub body for play & tighten cassette if necessary

Refit wheels & inspect rims for damage and re-check spoke tension

Inspect brake pads for wear and replace if necessary

Check & adjust operations of brakes and replace cables and blocks if necessary

Check cables for damange & wear and lubricate if necessary

Inspect chain, cassette & chain rings for damage and wear

Check Bottom Bracket for play

Tighten chainset and chain rings if necessary

Check front and rear mechs are tight

Inflate tires to correct pressure and check for damage

Check all pivots where necessaru and check for play

Check stem & handlebars tighten if necessary

Check headset for play

Inspect forks & rear shocks

Lubricate chain

Test ride to make sure everything is in correct working order 



Full Strip Down and rebuild Service from £130


All of the Standard Service plus;


Full strip down of the bicycle and clean
Clean of threads
Strip and rebuild of hubs, headset and bottom bracket where possible
Degrease of entire transmission before reassembly
Fit of new gear cables
Rebuild bike to the correct torque values, with fresh grease and oil applied.



Any other work 

Brake Service £20 pair.

Hydraulic Brake Bleed £30 per brake, inc fluid

Fit Hydraulic Brake £25 each

Gear Service £22

Hub Service £25 per hub

Wheel build £30, plus the cost of spokes

Wheel true/ Spoke Replacement £15 plus £1 per spoke

Fork fit £25

Build Boxed Bike £30

Bike Clean £15

Face Head Tube/ BB/ Disc Mounts £25 each

Replace BB or Headset £25

 Inner Tube replacement £12.99 including labour 

 Inner tubes from £5.99

Accessory fitting from £5

All other work charged at £45 per hour